Welcome to the Ballarat African Association

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The Ballarat African association (BAA) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and charitable membership organisation, Lead by our president Paulo Adiang along with an experienced executive team. It is organised to provide mutual and social support to all Africans residing in Ballarat in particular and Victoria (Australia) generally. It’s an organisation for bringing people together, not only to bring African people together as one, but to help bring African people feel excepted into such a multicultural community. The BAA was formed in 2006, starting with Wilbert Mapombere as president. BAA has continued to grow over the years with a group of 500 to 600 people joining us from the Ballarat community.



11/08/14 – The BAA Executive Committee held a meeting at the Freight Bar & Restaurant where a date was set for the upcoming Executive Committee election – Please see the Events page for further details

09/08/14 – Welcome to the new Ballarat African Association Website, we still have a lot of content to upload including pictures from previous events, committee information and photos, this will be completed over the coming weeks.

08/08/14 – Follow the Ballarat African Association on Twitter for all of the latest news and events – https://twitter.com/BallaratAfrica (@BallaratAfrica)



24/08/14 – **Change of date for the upcoming Committee Election and Baseball try out**
Now Sunday 31st August Please see the Events page for further details

11/08/14 – Ballarat African Association Executive Committee Election – Have you thought about contributing positively to the welfare of the African Community in Ballarat?

The Ballarat African Association Executive Transition Committee invites current & past members along with the wider community to take part in electing the new Executive Committee to hold term for the next two years. Please see the Events page for further details

11/08/14Following the BAA Executive Committee Election, everyone is invited to wander across to the Ballarat City Brewers Baseball Club for a BBQ & Baseball Try Out; Ballarat City Brewers Baseball Club is looking for new members for the upcoming summer season. The club would like to offer an invitation to the African Community, young and old to come try out. Please see the Events page for further details