About Us

The Ballarat African association (BAA) is a not for profit, non-political, non-religious charitable membership organisation that was set up for Africans and friends of Africans so they could participate in the Ballarat community fully. With a diverse membership and partnership base, the Association representing its members fully support the City of Ballarat Multicultural programs and initiatives that focus on Ballarat being an intercultural city.

Who can be a member?
Any persons of African or non African descent who feels or identifies with, a strong affiliation to the purpose of the Association can apply to be a members. Membership is free; however members are expected to participate fully through upholding the following;

• Members are honest yet constructive
• Members actively promote the Association and the causes it champions
• Members respect each other and other members of the community
• Members seek to contribute the Ballarat community through the Association

Why be a member?
There are many reasons to be a member of the Ballarat African association, some of the reasons are;

• Be part of like minded people contributing positively to multiculturalism in the City of Ballarat
• Be a member of a progressive association working towards improving the welfare and connection between African community and wider community
• Contribute to the vision of the City of Ballarat and its increasing diversity

How can I be a member?
Please follow this link to complete an online application form
What can I expect as a member?
There are many benefits to being a member of the BAA, these benefits however are also dependent on the member’s proactive engagement with the Association and community. Some of the benefits to expect are;

• Invitation to African community events
• Invitations to represent the Association and African community
• Access to the Association’s database
• Opportunity to nominate to represent the Association as an Executive member